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Kouty Ski Resort the best place for winter holiday

Kouty Ski Resort is a new ski resort, located in a protected area Jeseníky Mountains, in the village of Loučná nad Desnou - local part Kouty nad Desnou at 1100 above sea level.

We present to you the largest ski resort in Moravia, with the first 6-person lift in the Czech Republic.
The lift can accomodate 3,200 people per hour, travel time to the top of the slopes is 6 min 48 sec.
The Ski Resort offers four runs, two of which are of a length of over 2 km with a unique width of over 50m.
The total area of ski trails: 25 ha
Night skiing 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
There is a railway station right in the resort.
Free parking on site with sufficient capacity.
The upper cable car station - the starting point for the newly groomed cross-country trails in the altitude of 1100 - 1250 m (ideal snow conditions), beautiful environment with the posibility of visiting the upper reservoir of Dlouhé Stráně hydro power station.
Koutecky Forest - open air museum in within the resort area, operated all-year-round.
Modern snow-making equipment guarantees covering of all of the slopes.
The resort includes children's park, mobile belt, snow park, trails, restaurant, shop, ski and snowboard rental & service, ski school.
Comprehensive services are enhanced by several restaurants with sun terraces (1000 pers./hr).

More interesting facts about Kouty Ski Resort

Nobody could escape the news of the construction of a giant ski resort in Kouty nad Desnou in Jeseniky Mountains, dominated by the first 6-person chairlift in the Czech Republic. Promoting the construction of this large resort, however, was not easy, in fact, quite the opposite, as it cost its owner and operator many years of stress, bureaucracy and paperwork. Intentions to build a large ski resort in Kouty nad Desnou on the slope of Medvědí hora (Bear Mountain) started about eight years ago. However, it took the investment company K3 Sport the following seven long years to acquire all the relevant and necessary permits. The final project is divided into several stages, and allows for the construction of 3 chairlift lines, and 4 ski lifts that will be able to carry nearly 12,000 people an hour, and all the skiing-related infrastructure. In the first stage it was decided the backbone transportation facilities of the resort and at the same time its greatest pride and temptation will be built - a detachable 6-person Doppelmayr chairlift, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, as well as two ski lifts and 4 ski tracks with a minimum width of 50 meters, the longest of which measures 2,450 meters. The total capacity of the transportation facilities during the first stage is to make an impressive 5600 people an hour.

The site will also include two restaurants and fast food outlets, sunny terrace, a mountain rescue station, information centre, ski hire and testcentre, ski servicing, ski school, snow park, a children's park with a movable belt, sanitary facilities, large parking facility, as well as the stage for summer social and cultural events.
Construction of the first stage was launched in spring 2009 and new premises had originally been planned to be put into operation in December 2009. However, the logging for the chairlift route and runs unfortunately meant a delay, and it was decided only the cnstruction of the chairlift and ski lifts would go on and the installation of the technologies would continue in 2010. Due to the challenging terrain a helicopter Mi-8 became a necessary tool during the construction and eleven support masts out of the total seventeen were seated using it. The carrying capacity of the chairlift is 3200 persons an hour, and it is the highest not only in the Czech Republic, but also among the countries of the former Soviet bloc. However, his chairlift holds many more records within the Czech Republic, for example the strongest transport cable (47 mm) or the maximum power output (632 kW). Thirty-tons and 4 kilometres of transport cable was supplied by a Swiss company Fatzer. The comfort and safety of skiers at the entry is provided by the boarding strip. The complex also boasts the most modern artificial snow system with thirty snowguns, which will be able to provide enough snow in just a matter of a few days, should there be the lack of it.

One of the advantages of the new ski resort is its easy accessibility - the resort is located directly on the main route from Šumperk to Jesenik. The resort and the 6-person chairlift will be open all year round, during the summer season it will facilitate access to the hiking path that goes around the wind turbines on Medvědí hora (Bear Mountain), all the way to the upper reservoir of the Dlouhé Stráně hydro power station. In the subsequent phases the project is expected to include two more 4-person chairlifts and two ski lifts. The total cost has now soared to 500 million Czech korunas, with part of the cost covered by a grant from the European Union. In the future, it is even planned for the resort to host World Cup competitions.