Chair lifts

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Fast and convenient transportation is provided by a 6-person Doppelmayr lift with a detachable attachment and entry belt with a starting capacity of handling 3200 persons / hr.

The lower station is at 588 m above sea level, the cableway is 2.000 meters long, and leads to the summit of
Medvědí piste at 1095 m asl.

              A few interesting facto about the first 6-person chair lift in the Czech Republic:



Drive Location: Upper station

Tension System: hydraulic at the power station at the bottom

Transport capacity: 3200 persons/hour

Number of seats: 120

Oblique length: 1943 m

Lower Station: 588 m asl

Upper Station: 1095 m asl

Vertical Drop: 507 m

Time: 6 min 48 sec

Manufacturer: Doppelmayr Austria