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Kouty Ski Resort the best place for winter holiday

Shop, ski-services

There is a new shop in the resort, where you can find a broad range of goods for all your winter sport activities.

New ski-service centre – a professional service and maintenance for skis and snowboards.

Ski and snowboard servicing is provided by a top of-the-range automatic machine MONTANA CHALLENGE. This is a new generation machine, providing service for recreational and advanced skiers and snowboarders, but also services on World Cup racing level.

Automatic machine Challenge:


-          a wide grinding stone

-          range of the final structure - linear, mixed, variable, also suitable for cross-country skiing structures

-          radial tuning, bottom edge tuning in an optimal angle – perfectly  tuned side edge (necessary condition for carving curve and therefore for your best experience)

-          machine with a capacity of up to 25 pairs per hour

-          maximum accuracy and material saving procedure compared to grinding on manually operated machines – removing 0.01 mm

-          proper and regular maintenance is essential for a long lifespan of the equipment.

 Ski and snowboard service of this machine is also used by the representatives of the Czech Republic in:

           skiing – Sarka Záhrobská, Filip

           Trejbal, Adam Zika

           snowboard - Adam Zika, Novotny, Bakeš